What is Crowd-funding?

A crowd-funding platform for social innovative projects or ventures

I Will.KeepOnBeingRemarkable.com  – Crowdfunding is totally focused on social innovative products and projects that address the needs of global social and environmental issues . Our’s is a a method for you to raise capital from your socially innovative project through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors.

Our approach taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of  keepOnBeingRemarkable Community members and others—and leveraging all our other Be Remarkable properties their networks for greater reach and exposure of your project/idea.

Iwill.KeepOnBeingRemarkable.com is different?

Traditionally, if you want to raise capital to start a business or launch a new product, you would need to pack up your business plan, market research, and prototypes, and then shop your idea around to a limited pool or wealthy individuals or institutions. With our crowdfunding, it’s much easier for you to get your opportunity in front of more interested parties and give them more ways to help grow your business, from investing thousands in exchange for contributing money in exchange for a first-run product or other reward.


Rewards-based crowdfunding involves individuals contributing to your business in exchange for a “reward,” typically a form of the product or service your company offers. Even though this method offers backers a reward, since there is no financial or equity return. This approach lets you incentive your contributor without incurring much extra expense or selling ownership stake.

The Benefits of  KeepOnBeingRemarkable Crowdfunding

    • Reach – By using our crowdfunding platform you have access to thousands of accredited investors who can see, interact with, and share your fundraising campaign.

    • Presentation – By creating a crowdfunding campaign, you go through the invaluable process of looking at your business from the top level—its history, traction, offerings, addressable market, value proposition, and more—and boiling it down into a polished, easily digestible package.

    • PR & Marketing – From launch to close, you can share and promote your campaign through social media, email newsletters, and other online marketing tactics. As you and other media outlets cover your progress, you can double down by steering traffic to your website and other company resources.

    • Validation of Concept – Presenting your concept or business to the masses affords an excellent opportunity to validate and refine your offering. As potential investors begin to express interest and ask questions, you’ll quickly see if there’s something missing that would make them more likely to buy in.

    • Efficiency – One of the best things about online crowdfunding is its ability to centralize and streamline your fundraising efforts. By building a single, comprehensive profile to which you can funnel all your prospects and potential supporters. So instead of duplicating efforts by printing documents, compiling binders, and manually updating each one when there’s an update, you can present everything at KeepOnBeingRemarkable, leaving you with more time to develop your business.


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